About Us

Arion Associates is a substantial surety bond agency with two offices in New Jersey. We work with clients throughout the Tri-State Area and have various clientele scattered throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region.

Our agency has access to the largest and most flexible surety companies. Arion has the ability to handle any bond need no matter how big or small.

Our client base is vast and versatile. We work with startup companies too multi-million-dollar construction firms. In addition to contractors, we work with virtually any type of business that requires surety bonds. (Auto Dealer Bonds, Travel Agency Bonds, License & Permit Bonds, Sub-Division Bonds, etc.)

The differences in both size and type of bonds that we provide mandate that we maintain numerous bonding companies of every size and level of creativity. This flexibility allows us to fit your company with the perfect surety rather than placing your business into a surety that doesn’t specialize or fulfill your bonding needs.

The strength of our agency is using our experience, creativity, and work ethic to secure the bond or bond program that is right for your company